Testimonials from former campers and parents

"The Italy trip was hands down the most relaxing and fun trip I've ever been on! We would wake up early in the morning, go to classes, then relax by the pool, and then we would go to the beach and paint on the rocks everyday. One of my favorite parts was when we found this trampoline park and bounced for so long late at night with my friends. Overall, there were so many memories I have from this camp, and I will never forget how fun and welcoming all the students were." ~Nitya Sompuram

"The Musica Vesuviana trip is exceptional. Packed full of beautiful excursions, and exceptional teachers, every second of the trip is worth it. However, what trumps all is that the camp is an inspiration, and a motivator. It puts an new perspective on music that can be embraced and shared. A trip that I will never forget." ~Max Cui-Stein

"I signed up for the Musica Vesuviana trip with some hesitation - I wanted to have fun with friends and play music, but I was unsure about the two weeks in a completely foreign country. What I ended up having was possibly the best experience in my 3 years of high school. The atmosphere, while being geographically hot, was very chill. Without the lurking ties to schoolwork and studies, I felt surprisingly free and passionate for the music I was playing. Almost everyone became friends with each other, to some degree. We all felt comfortable to talk and play with each other regardless of grade, and usually regardless of skill. Long after the trip, we still meet up once in a while, have a group chat with everyone who went, and laugh together at uproarious inside jokes.  The excursions were an added bonus - we got to walk and buy in bustling markets, take photos in ancient ruins, and more. And in terms of the curriculum itself: I was pleasantly surprised by both the enthusiasm/helpfulness of the teachers, as well as the balance of lessons and self-directed time (which can be spent practicing, making art, or even going out to get gelato or take a swim in the pool)." ~Sam Kim

"Italy was truly an experience of a lifetime! The food, community, trips we took, and the town itself makes the camp what it is, and it is unforgettable. It was surreal to make friends with people in Italy who lived streets away from me in Arlington, and to be able to carry those friendships back to the States. While we are no longer still in Italy, strolling the streets of San Marco with a gelato cup in one hand and a euro in the other, waiting to be spent at the trampoline park, our group has stayed connected through social media, texting, and reunions. If you're considering going, go!!!" ~Abby Simon

"I loved my experience at Musica Vesuviana, the atmosphere was beautiful and the people were wonderful. Each day I learned so much, from my guitar class to my ensemble, and had the lucky opportunity to work privately in lessons as well. I learned so much and grew as a musician during the trip, and I am very grateful for that. I couldn't recommend it more." ~Sylvie Remillard

"What better gift then spending your 14th birthday on the Amalfi coast? This was our daughter's first experience doing ANY sleep away camp and we were thrilled she made the decision to go. There was a small hesitation at first because she didn't "know" anyone but the Directors quickly gave us contacts of those attending so she could meet the other students. Our daughter participated in the Art program and was inspired by the massive junk pile to pick through. Many of the items she made were modifications of found materials and techniques she learned while onsite. Her food palette expanded and I know she benefited from having appropriate guidance but the freedom to meet others, explore her surroundings and simply be a kid in a foreign country. We enjoyed brief WeChats and calls from her.  The Directors even did a birthday celebration for her onsite. Those little touches by the instructors and dear Directors meant so much to us. We would recommend the trip to anyone and happy to discuss our experience!" ~Shannon Geise, Parent

"There is too much to say about Musica Vesuviana. The scenery is stunning, which can be attested by over a thousand photos on my phone. The sunset that ran across the mountains on the night of the jam session was one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful things that I have ever seen. But there was also the refreshing water of the Mediterranean sea with that beach that seemed to go on for forever, the spacious forum of Pompeii and all the local places that D brought us to that we would have never seen without him. D was an amazing part of this trip as well as all of the teachers that he brought with him. He never stopped about how he wanted us to all enjoy ourselves, he did everything that he could to make sure that we had an amazing time and I’m confident that we all did. Although I didn’t even do any art, Ms. Ford and Ms. Serafini clearly did an amazing job because of all the beautiful pieces of art that everyone was able to make. Oh and Mark Greel, a man who seems to be able to play every instrument known to man. There’s so much to do and so much free time to do them all. There’s a little cafe which has the most amazing gelato and so many desserts that although you may try, you will never be able to try them all. The first time I walked in, I expected that I would need to pay an arm and a leg for a taste of gelato but it was SO cheap! There was an amazing pool that was right next to all of our rooms which was where many games of water polo and even some synchronized swimming. There are so many memories that I could recount, filling up at least 5 pages of paper but that would be overkill. This camp is a once and a lifetime experience, which I had almost missed out on. I wouldn’t have been able to meet some of the people who I am best friends with right now or all the amazing things I was able to learn. Two weeks seemed like such a long time to me, but the time will fly by and you’ll want to stay in Italy forever." ~Henri Choi

“Going to Italy last summer was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself, made good friends and strengthened my friendship with others, and best of all, made music. A perfect environment, full of things to do including the great beaches nearby, and wonderful excursions, particularly Pompeii. I highly recommend this camp.” ~Julian Flesh

  From  Linnea McAllister:      

          Musica Vesuviana was hands down one of the most amazing experiences and trips I have ever been on. I highly recommend this camp no matter your level of musicality. You get to learn how to dance, sing and play pieces of music by some of the greatest teachers and instructors in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The best part about this camp besides making music with the incredible group you travel with, is the free time you get and the sites you get to see in the South of Italy.

Before and after your music lessons, there are many hours of free time to enjoy the pool in the campus of the Fondazione, play some water polo, sun bathe, and soak in the breathtaking view of Castellabate. You can take a walk down to the beach and swim in the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a cup of Italian Ice, and walk along the sand towards the town of San Marco and explore the markets. You can walk out the entrance of the Fondazione and walk to Torretta’s right across the street to order gelato, a shot of espresso or some tasty pastries. If you walk down the road left of the Fondazione entrance, you will run into a children’s play park which obtains five trampolines which we created to have no age limit. You can burn off all of the pasta you consume by bouncing on the trampolines for hours and laughing with your friends.

The day trips we take as a group to Paestum, Castellabate, Salerno, and Pompeii are SO worth the hours and hours long bus rides. Seeing these amazing sights and learning about their histories are unbelievable, and by the time we are supposed to leave to start driving back to the Fondazione, you don’t want to. But luckily when you do get home from a long day of travelling and sightseeing, you are given a delicious meal. The staff and chef’s cooking are spectacular, and it is so hard to prevent yourself from overeating- you can’t let any of the bread or pasta go to waste. And when dinner is over, you have free time to do whatever you want to do. In my experience last year, after dinner usually the whole group of kids would stuff ourselves in the only room with AC and play games with each other. So many laughs were exchanged and inside jokes were created. This bond the whole group of us created with each other made this trip exceptionally emotional when the two weeks of the camp came to an end.

I would love to go back in time and relive these very two weeks again. My experience was purely positive and nothing but fun and joyous. I learned a lot about music and cultural aspects of Italy, but also I learned a lot about myself and matured for the better from this experience. To anyone pondering whether to go or not during the summer, I would highly suggest you just go for it and sign up. The trip is well worth the money and time; you will not regret it at all. You'll wish you never came home. You'll wish to go back and relive these two weeks. You'll wish to have another day at the Fondazione. Musica Vesuviana is more than what I imagined it to be, and I strongly recommend those that participate in music and art programs sign up and are left with the same significant impact the camp left onto me.