Italy Art and Music school welcomes everyone from all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. This school wants to provide fantastic and relaxing learning experience for everyone.


Instructors ~ Alecia Serafini & Polly Ford

We are already excited to go back to San Marco di Casetellabate and immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of Italy!  

Below is the general curriculum for Summer 2018.  As students register, we will look at the art preference sheet to gather ideas for the specific curriculum.  We will design the curriculum partially around the interest of the students who will be with us!

Please check back for updates and changes.

Lessons in Painting ~

En plein air painting – Students will work outdoors directly from nature.  Students will learn how to incorporate organizational principles such as linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, and unity to produce landscape paintings in, and around, San Marco di Castellabate. 

Students will explore multiple techniques in water-based paints, (water color, gouache, and acrylics). Techniques will include mixing mediums, glazing, using masking fluid, wet on wet, glazing, and dry brush.

Lessons in Drawing ~ sketchbooks will be used on a daily basis and will include works in pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, and oil pastel. Students will learn techniques in drawing from life.  Students will also be encouraged to draw from their own inspirations and experiences on the trip.

Lessons in Mixed Media & Assemblage ~

Students will be encouraged to explore found object materials to include in their works.  

Lessons in Sculpture and Land-Art ~

Students will have an opportunity to work alone and in teams to create 3D pieces influenced by the environment.

Lessons in Art History~

Students will visit historic museums, such as the museum at Paestum which houses the famous monument, Tomb of the Diver, and learn about the area’s ancient Greek art history.

Critique and Supportive Sharing ~

Students will reflect on their own work, and the work of their peers on a daily basis. 


Students will take part in a closing exhibition of works created during their stay.  Students will take part in the planning and organization of the exhibit.  Other exhibits will be planned for a total of at least 2 during our time at camp.




8:45 AM- 12:15 PM - Art Lessons, Studio (the "studio" refers to wherever we feel like working that day, it is always outside!!)  We will always plan to meet promptly at 8:45 to talk about individual art plans, and give technique lessons.  Students can eat, listen to music, and talk with each other while we work.  Students are free to take breaks when they need it, as long as they tell an instructor.  Students will not be allowed to leave campus alone, but we encourage groups to plan 'work escapes' to places where they would like to make art, or continue work.  On some days there may be a cultural excursion during this time.

12:30 PM, LUNCH


4/5 PM to 7:15 PM -  Studio


8:15 PM - FREE TIME - Ideas: Shopping, gelato, jam session, arting, card & board games...students must be with another camper or staff member when leaving the grounds, and must sign out and tell a staff member where they are going.

11PM - Curfew - sign in sheets and rooms will be checked to account for all students.